The concept of DESIGNING_democracy is a considered a novel one to many people. Yet, there is evidence across the world where good design has played a vital role in creating better policies, infrastructure, systems and services for people.

The DESIGNING_democracy seminar, took place on 29 August 2013 at Cape Town’s City Hall during the Open Design festival. The event and publication demonstrated that realising a democracy, as a product of design is an important step in creating an inclusive and integrated nation. A diverse and influential group of experts were invited to explore and discuss ways good design may impact their respective sectors. Topics covered: City making, Identity, Healthcare, Housing, Service Delivery and Education.

The City produced a programme and striking poster for the DESIGNING_SOUTHAFRICA event. The posterzine includes text from architects Thorsten Deckler and Andrew Makin as well as D_ZA founder, Zahira Asmal.