Drawing on our network of entrepreneurs, architects, designers and urbanists, we craft tours around the making of the cities in which we live. Going beyond the well-known tourism narrative, these experiences have appealed to business, government and media professionals who seek a deeper understanding of the urban landscape. The City works closely with municipalities, academia and tourism organisations to host city tours. We hosted special media guests and high profile visitors in the areas of architecture, culture and design for Cape Town Tourism and South African Tourism. Editors of key international publications were introduced to the design and urban developments in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. Publications included Financial Times (UK), Wallpaper* (UK), Icon (UK), designboom (Italy), Novum (Germany), Axis (Japan), Esquire (Hong Kong), Arbitare (Italy), AgitProp (Brazil) and Design Week (UK). In addition, The City has organised tours in London, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.