The launch of the DESIGNING_SOUTHAFRICA pavilion will be accompanied by a programme of activities. The date for the launch will be determined by the Johannesburg Development Agency.

D_ZA is curating a series of engagements surrounding the themes of Movement and Welcome. Movements (political, economical, cultural, social and spatial) affect the look, feel and progress of cities. They are what infuse a city with the energy that gives them their individuality.  As the central hub of transit in Southern Africa, and likely the busiest transport hub in all of Africa, Park Station is naturally a place of welcome and movement to all arriving in Johannesburg. Situated in a province that consists of 53% immigrant population, Park Station hosts local commuters, national, and international travelers, and the pavilion will be a way to extend a welcome to those who move through it.

The programme engages with partners from academic, cultural, architectural, community and transport fields. These partners will bring a range of elements to the programme that will activate the space in and around the pavilion and the city of Johannesburg. Each of the elements will bring a unique and multi-dimensional facet to the discussion and interactions around the pavilion thus inviting an open discourse about movement, welcome, and public space.

A series of engagements with the local users of the space in and around Park Station is underway. Commuters have expressed a desire for safe and inclusive public space as well as public seating. The pavilion directly responds to these desires. Currently, D_ZA is continuing this engagement by connecting with local users in the space regarding the plans, receiving feedback and suggestions, and collecting “words of welcome”. These words will bring the voices and sentiments of those who inhabit the space each day into the programme, and as a linguistically diverse precinct, the variety of languages can help many entering Johannesburg to feel welcome.

It is estimated that approximately one million people move through the Park Station precinct each day, making it the largest transport hub in Africa. International travelers reach Park Station and its surrounding precinct via coaches and minibus taxis from all over Africa each day, and via Gautrain from OR Tambo International Airport, which connects to over 80 airports across 6 continents. Metrorail, other rail services, and minibus taxi routes transport millions of passengers around Gauteng and all of South Africa each day with direct connections to Park Station.

An active centre of trade, the Park Station precinct boasts both formal and informal shops and market areas, providing goods and services to span a diverse range of needs and budgets. Local South African and international vendors are key stakeholders in D_ZA’s programme around the pavilion.

The pavilion and the programme activities surrounding it have been developed to respond to its immediate environment and users. Allowing for movement, while simultaneously being a place of arrival, welcome, and respite, the project aims to bring together the diverse elements of Park Station’s travelers, both local and global.

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