Neighbourhood Engagement

A series of engagements with the local users of the space in and around Park Station has been conducted by Designing South Africa. Commuters have expressed a desire for safe and inclusive public space as well as public seating. The pavilion directly responds to these needs. D_ZA has connected with local users in the space regarding the plans, receiving feedback and suggestions, and collecting “words of welcome,” in the languages of those in and around the pavilion, which will be used in the programming aspects of the pavilion project. These words will bring the voices and sentiments of those who use the space each day into the programme, and as a linguistically diverse precinct, the variety of languages can help many entering Johannesburg to feel welcome.

Future engagements will be with people in and around Park Station, and will primarily be face-to-face conversations, to ensure clear communication. The people assisting in these interactions are local community members, fluent in a wide range of the languages spoken in the neighbourhood. This will ensure as many people as possible can take part in the engagements in the language of their choice. The engagement will use the feedback and contributions to create a public space activation that is responsive to its immediate surroundings. The pavilion directly responds to the demographics and desires of those surveyed in the area, particularly desires for more seating, and safe, clean beautiful public space.